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This Fitness Tracker is SO Popular with Seniors, it’s Already Sold Out Twice! Why? Because of the AMAZING Health Benefits!
Mon Jan 11 2021 14:16:21 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)BY ROBERT COLLINS - 5 MIN READ

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Robert Collins is a blogger and tech reviewer from Albany, New York. When he’s not trying out the latest health gadgets, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his dog Alfred.

Health monitoring devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers have exploded in popularity over the last few years.
By wearing one of these devices, you can get a full overview of your vitals in as little as 30 seconds, just by glancing at your wrist!
Recently I heard about a new kind of smart tracker wristband that’s been getting rave reviews. And when I saw all its health features... I knew I had to order one immediately.
Is this thing really worth all the hype? I decided to find out!
This is KoreTrak Pro.
It’s a unique device that combines all the best features of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker into one.
While similar devices can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 dollars, KoreTrak Pro offers all the same health benefits for just a small fraction of the price!
But the shockingly small price tag isn’t the only reason KoreTrak Pro is so popular. It’s also incredibly easy to use.
Unlike the big brand models, which are needlessly complicated, KoreTrak Pro is so simple even an old fogie like me was able to figure it out in less than a minute! 
But where KoreTrak Pro really stands out is its health monitoring features, because it gives you essential insights into your well-being.
The secret behind KoreTrak Pro is this cutting-edge green laser scanner and advanced SP02 dual sensors.
It allows KoreTrak Pro to monitor your vitals, tracking your heart rate (BPM), your blood oxygen levels (SpO2), and your body temperature. And what’s truly astounding is it can run all these tests in JUST 20 SECONDS!
But that’s not all, KoreTrak Pro can even analyze your sleep patterns and show you how to get a better night’s rest.
These features are VERY IMPORTANT for anyone over the age of 55, because they can help you easily keep track of your important vitals signs.
Heart attack, stroke, emphysema — these conditions are silent killers because the symptoms often don’t show up until it’s too late.
In fact 655,000 Americans die from heart disease every year!
But by tracking your vital signs with KoreTrak Pro, you can find out the moment something is wrong and stay in control of your health.
That’s why the KoreTrak Pro is quickly becoming the best-selling smart tracker of 2021 — it’s helping seniors live longer, healthier lives!
KoreTrak Pro keeps you healthy in more ways than one!
Here are a few more of KoreTrak Pro’s stand out features:
  • Health Monitor – 24/7 monitoring of your heart rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature
  • Fitness Tracker – Record your workouts and see your progress
  • Step Counter – Let’s you track your steps and set daily goals to stay fit
  • Sleep Analyzer – Tracks patterns in your sleep cycles so you can get a better night’s rest
  • Calorie Burn Tracker – Shows you how much fat you’re burning by exercising
  • Distance Tracker – See exactly how far you’ve walked, run, or cycled
  • Ultra-Long-Lasting Battery – Lasts for days without recharging
  • 1.08" Full-Color Display – HD screen with customizable watch faces
  • Sedentary Reminder – Tells you to get up and move if you’ve been sitting still for too long

  • Sleek style – Looks great with anything – wear it with a suit or casual wear
  • Sweat Resistant and Splash Proof – Wear it while you shower or in the rain without fear

  • Call and Text Notifications – Stay connected and keep your phone in your pocket
  • Take a Photo – Use your KoreTrak Pro to take hands free photos on your phone
... and there is even more!
With KoreTrak Pro on your wrist, it’s like you have a personal trainer, an assistant, and a doctor with you 24/7!
If you look at everything KoreTrak Pro can do, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a price tag of a few hundred dollars.
That’s why I was shocked to learn that KoreTrak Pro is selling for just $49! That was the price with a 50% discount promo.
But this discount won’t last long... KoreTrak Pro is already so popular that it will likely sell out for the THIRD TIME this year alone!
It may take many months for them to get more units in stock, and when that happen, it will likely go back up to full price!
If you want to get your own KoreTrak Pro at this ultra-low price, NOW is the time to act! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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If you’ve trying to get in shape, starting a new diet, or just want to know what’s going on inside your body, KoreTrak Pro is exactly what you need.
For this first time ever you can get a real look at how your body works and it’s never been this fast, easy, or affordable!
“I feel like I’m finally in control of my health. I used to have to drive to the pharmacy any time I wanted to get my heart rate monitored. Now all I have to do is look at my wrist. It’s easier than checking the time!” – Harold G.
“I’m exercising again for the first time in years! It’s really motivating when you can see how many calories you burning. I’ve only had my KoreTrak Pro for a month, but I’m already up to 8000 steps a day!” – Betty M.
"I’m usually bad with technology, but even I can use this! You don’t have to download any apps or anything like that, just turn it on and it’s ready to go. It’s even got a setting to check your heart rate automatically every hour, so I never forget!” – David H.
Don’t get fooled by cheap knock offs (there’s a lot of them out there)!
KoreTrak Pro is only sold from the official website here.
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Tue Oct 20 2020 15:31:38 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
KoreTrak Pro has caught the attention of major international media sources, and since then an incredible amount of buzz has been generated.
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